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Keybinds - lone heroes vs heroes who bring friends?


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For most heroes, I use common RPG controls - items on 1-6 hotkeys. It works great - I have defense and offense items right under my fingers (1-4).


But when my hero has summonables, it doesn't work so well. I've been having trouble controlling Unix. I use his marines heavily, so I'm doing a lot of stutter stepping while trying to cast his other spells or get out of the way. My problem is selecting Unix without getting marines too. Either I'm a little too slow clicking on Unix and not a marine, or I retreat a few marines caught in the rectangle with him. Those little things make a huge difference. RTS-style controls work pretty well with him, (control group 1 for unix, 2 for marines) but now where do I put my consumables? In a crazy battle, my RTS muscle memory fights with my RPG muscle memory.


How are your controls set up? How are they different for heroes without summonables and heroes with them?


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