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Pyro guide request


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I personally have not played him, but he is obviously basically a Auto-Attack Strength Bruiser....so...


Coat of Arms-->Atom Smasher/Force of Entropy-->Atom Smasher/Force of Entropy--->Contamination Shard--->Arcbound Ravager--->Darksteel Titan


Would be fine imo


But again, I don't play/have not played him, so I don't know.

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I start with Lost Treasure and Hunter's Hatchet. With those 2 items it's very easy to last hit and to keep alive on the lane without any real problem.

I start with w because it makes killing jungle creeps stupidly easy, and the regen it provides combined with Lost Treasure will allow you to "tank" a lot of damage in a short time.


Depending on the game I get one or another items, but I like Eye of Narud because it gives for a cheap prize some stuff Pyro likes: some HP and some weapon speed. It also mantains the Hunter's Hatchet passive so farming will still be easy. After that I always buy 2 key items, which are also extremely cheap: Ocelot's Revolver and Pulse Hammer. Ocelot's Revolver will be an Atom Smasher later for massive slow and PH will be Force of Entropy (obviously).

CoA is always a good option because it gives more weapon speed and some stats that will be always welcome.

For late game energy regenerations I like 2 items, that depending on the game will be more or less viable: Everthirst will give you a total of 650 health, 50 weapon damage and 15% cooldown reduction (combined with CoA you've got some sweet cd reduction). It will also solve your energy problems. Overall a good item. Warp Shard in the other hand is pretty good late game for mobility if you use it with your Rocket Jump, since you have so many slows, enemies wont stand a chance 1v1 most of the time against you and if they do you will just run away.

Cauterizer is good to 1v1 other carries, specially those ones who rely a lot on lifesteal, it's a pretty god item against heroes like Shadow, and for it's prize it gives a lot of damage and armor.

You should also consider having a lifesteal item in your inventory, either Explosive Retrofit or Naix Claw, I like Retrofit more because it gives you health and it synergizes well with your passive, allowing you to clean entire waves in a couple of seconds, which is pretty good in late game for pushing.

When I'm full I always sell Eye of Narud and buy a Pyre just to increase my weapon speed, add even more cd reduction and the passive effect will help a lot against certain heroes.


For talents






From the few games I've played this xmas, Pyro has been my favorite hero, he's kinda fun to play, I love the jumps and the overall design.


Hope this helps

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Personally I don't like to rely heavily on pyro's attack. Instead, I go superheated, nitrogen, and max w first, and instead of trading blows, play like Singed in LoL (for those that don't know what that is, you run in, irritate them, press w, run away. They cannot kill you, and while chassing you take very large amounts of damage, while you heal up against their burst. Then you turn around and jump in, finishing them with Q and another w, ult if needed). Final build should have 6 of the below items (lots of factors come into this decision):



atom smasher, ancient rune, organic, yamato, Nitrogen, DST, Silver Soul, Argus, Superheated, Lion's Bane. Pick your preferred ratio of damage:utility:tankiness.

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