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My Kerrigan Build


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Just wanted to post my new Kerrigan build which seem to be OP in my mind.


Talents Fitness Energy Regen

Might Swiftness

Fury Max Energy

Life Steal


Start with blood letter then lighting rod > Arcbound > Naix Claw > Khaili Blade



With this build i seem to be unstoppable and i am only an average player. If any 1 has a tweeks i could add to this build i would be very happy to hear or even if you think its garbage.

kerrigan nova.jpg

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I'm just not really sold on the whole "get weapon speed items before weapon damage items" idea, especially in the case of arcbound, since you are criting for almost nothing, which really makes the item less than ideal first big item. Lightning Rod IMO doesn't belong. If I were going crit kerri I'd go:


soul engine(s) > doran blade + crit gp3 > +55 weapon damage > arcbound > pulse hammer + crit gp10 + bloodletter > FoE > khali > naix > sliptide > galactic


otherwise something like:


soul engines > doran blade + miner's > e saber > coa > gauss > foe > sliptide > dst vs heavy aa / galactic vs heavy spell

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Might, Fury

Fitness, Integrity, Discipline

Swfitness, Youth


Coat of Arms-->Pulse Hammer-->Arcbound Ravager-->Force of Entropy--->Contamination Shard--->Explosive Retrofit/Naix Claw--->Darksteel Titan--->Xenomorphic Cleaver/C4 Gauss Cannon


The items with "/" being items that I choose depending on which one I need.


The above build seems like it would get insta-wrecked by any sort of burst damage.

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