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Highground around aeon needs some rework asap


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I think its preaty clear why in inhouses everyone will always prefer protoss side. Area around aeon is, atleast for me, completely unbalanced and protoss have WAY bigger advantage there.

So first bad thing is that there is so much highground around aeon, basicly if ur zerg and dont have 2-3 wards to cower that highground area ur most likely doomed. Second thing is there is still range that some heroes can attack it from highground which is a complete joke, and u just cant force ppl to autoban it, cuz lets be honest it would be preaty stupid. For example there was a game it was mb 40minutes in, and started so called "aeon dance" for mb a minute, then they just remembered "hey lets just put ward there and nova can kill it fast from highground!" Also not to mention how easier it is to ward as toss aeon area.

Anyway I cant rly suggest how would i make it, but first thing i would make is that u rework it so no hero has the range to AA it.

Whale u reworked nicely mid lane, hope ull do same with aeon.


And before people ask no it isnt OP for zerg around levi area because u cant get it so early and if enemy gets all aeons they are much ahead. But yes mb extremely fed nova can take levi from highground, but thats more imbalance with levi dieing 1v1.

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u act like whoever has high ground to aeon wins the game, no its not like this. u could fool the team thats on the high ground into thinkin whole team is there but go top and take their tower. or have your team wrap around the enemy team on high ground and flank them. strategy wins not stupidity

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move aeon and levi to middle of river rotate their "lair" 90 degrees and make river split around it


I agree with that. Therefore the two tankcamps at the river ends have to be moved, but that way both teams have equal chances to kill/block the bosses. Which maybe leads to an interesting dynamic between the junglers btw because one could think of a scenario which locates the two tankcamps in the spots where the bosses are right now.




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