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Hero Name=Immortal.Solidus


Unit Base=Immortal

Role=Support, Caster

Alignment=Lawful Neutral

Lore="Immortal, a Protoss experiment ran by Tassadar himself, to preserve the ancient memories of his ancestors. Immortal was designed to be immortal, or at least not lose his memories in battle. But when his home planet Aiur was besieged, Immortal found himself in a psi chamber near the core of the planet. Thousands of years past, but finally, immortal had escaped his psi prison. But once he finally got to look out, he didn't see the luxurious planet of order he was hoping for - instead, he saw the ruins of his planet. Thick smoke in the air, and zerg nesting under the earth. This made him lose all of the precious memories of the protoss. He set out into the Galaxy, searching for Tassadar, or anybody who could help him, but he found himself locked in trials, battling against five hideous monsters in a jungle. He is still looking for his memories, but if he ever finds them, nobody knows..." -Darkr













Starting Health - 600

Health Regeneration - .3

Movement speed - 2.9

Attack Range - 6

Attack Speed - 1.9

Base Weapon Damage - 60

Starting Weapon Damage - 70

Attack Animation Name - [immos past attack]

Base Armor - 2

Energy - 250

Energy Regeneration - .3




















Strength 25 (+5/lvl) Agility 23 (+5/lvl) Intelligence 35 (+7/lvl)

Famous Quote=

"My memory is forsaken..."




Heroic Passive

Psi Blast



Whenever Immortal attacks an enemy unit, 4 projectiles come out of the unit attacked, dealing 4% of the unit attacked's Current Health (+30% int) to other enemies within 3 units of the unit attacked. Also, Immortal deals 10% bonus damage to shields. Whenever immortal deals damage, he converts (10% of Immortal's Weapon Damage) of the enemy(s) attacked health to shields.


// Tell me if you don't know what I mean below.





Charged Plasma


Target Area - 3 Unit Area

13 Unit Radius

Immortal charges for up to 2.5 seconds. When the ability ends or is cancelled, Solidus unleashes a massive wave of energy, dealing Spell Damage plus bonus Spell Damage for every .5 second it was charged.

Spell Damage= 85/110/155/180(+25% Current Shields) (+20%int)

Bonus Spell Damage= 30/45/55/65 (+15%int)

Cost= 80/110/140/180

Cooldown= 14sec



Soul Drain



For the next 7 seconds, Immortal drains units' life in a 3u radius around him, dealing spell damage per second and granting himself shields and energy per second. Shields last 10 seconds. This effect is reduced by 30% when immortal is taking damage from an enemy hero, also this damage is reduced by another 30% for enemy heroes.

Spell Damage= 15/35/50/60 (+25% Current Shields) (+10% int)

Energy= 25/40/60/85 (+7.5% Current shields)

Shields= 45/70/110/140

Cost= 80/95/110/130

Cooldown= 28/24/20/17



Electric Shocker



Every 1.5 seconds, Immortal fires a electricity bolt to an enemy within 4u of Immortal, dealing spell damage.

Prioritizes heroes.

Spell Damage= 20/35/45/55 (+8% Current Shields) (+8% int)



Wrath of Aiur


Target Hero - 7 Unit Radius

Immortal charges for 2.5 seconds, before dealing a massive amount of spell damage to a single hero, and making them lose physical and spell resistance for a duration. Immortal also gains 25% of the damage dealt as shields for 20sec.


Spell Damage= 100/150/200 (+12.5% int) (+37.5% Current Shields)

Phisical/Spell Resist Reduction= -10%/-22.5%/-32.5%

Duration= 7sec/11sec/14sec/

Cost= 160/220/280

Cooldown= 140sec/105sec/85sec




I had made this rework due to many complaints from the community about Immortal.

It might not be the best, or even might not be good, but it's something.

I'm aware the scalings are a bit off, but what can I say, I'm not a FBI Balance agent like highdrater.

Please please do tell me below what you think/ what I should change!

Edited by Darkr
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-Modified Scalings

-Changed Heroic Passive description.

Ahh much better.


Overall, I like the abilities and scalings, but the ranges are a bit wonky to me. You have 2 abilities that are relatively short range, Immortal's attack range which is double that of his Self-Cast ability, and 2 abilities that are very long range. But hey, there are plenty of heroes that work fine with diverse ranges.

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