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Hero Name=Mechanico.Cyclone


Unit Base=Cyclone

Role=Carry, Engager

Alignment=Lawful Good

Lore="Cyclone was always the weakest. He always took the fire, and never grew strong like his brethren. But when the zerg took over his home planet; Char, he saw what war is. He saw everyone die; he saw his brethren perish... He barely escaped the hell on Char. He roamed around the universe looking for a place for him. After years and years, his searching finally came to an end; A battlefield... a battlefield where everybody has equal strengths and weaknesses... A battlefield where he can grow in power, leveling equally to his allies and opponents. The battlefield became his new home, at least for now... As he still struggles to find where he belongs; as he is the only one; the only Cyclone left in the universe. "















Health - 235

Health Regeneration - .3

Movement speed - 3.0

Attack Range - 5.8

Attack Speed - 1.8

Base Weapon Damage - 50

Starting Weapon Damage - 60

Attack Animation Name - [sentry's attack maybe a different colour]

Base Armor - 1

Energy - 200

Energy Regeneration - .3














Strength 19 (+5/lvl) Agility 28 (+7/lvl) Intelligence 19 (+5/lvl)

Famous Quote=

"May my brethren rest in peace..."




Heroic Passive

Steady Fire


Cyclone moves and attacks at the same time, but when doing so, loses 20% weapon damage. During this, he prioritizes heroes. Also, Cyclone does not have a weapon speed; Instead, his attack damage spreads over time [like protoss sentry...]




Advanced Radar


Self Cast

Cyclone's attack and sight range is increased for a short duration.

Attack Range Increase= 1.1u/2.0u/2.7u/3.6u

Sight Range Increase= 1.7u/2.6u/4u/4.4u

Duration= 5sec/7sec/9sec/11sec

Cost= 80/110/140/180

Cooldown= 16sec/18sec/20sec/22sec





Targer Unit; Heroic

For the next 7 seconds, Cyclone adjusts his movement speed to precisely the same as the target unit, but his weapon damage, phisical and spell armor are decreased for the duration.

Weapon Damage Decrease= -25%/-20%/-15%/-10%

Physical/Spell Armor Decrease= -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%

Cost= 80/95/110/130



Proto-Magnetic Link



Whenever Cyclone attacks a unit, he links to that unit decreasing the unit attacked's movement speed, and increasing your own. This has a 4 second cooldown between units.

Movement Speed Increase/Decrease= +-4%/+-7%/+-13%/+-17%



Bombs Away


Self Cast

Cyclone channels for 3 seconds, and then releases a fury of projectiles, dealing physical damage to enemies within a 16 unit radius. Each projectile needs .5 of a second to deploy. Prioritizes heroes that are nearest.

Number of Projectiles= 16/23/29

Physical Damage Per Projectile= 18/26/35 (+15% Weapon Damage per Projectile)

Cost= 160/220/280

Cooldown= 170sec/140sec/90sec


Hero Overview

I decided to make this hero, because of the new units in the upcoming Legacy of the Void, but also, to counter the hard carries and the incredibly fast heroes late-game.

Using it's Q skill with Cyclone's Heroic Passive, it can kill units that are trying to get away, or to chase him.

Using his W skill along with Cyclone's Heroic Passive, it can chase very fast units that are trying to get away, such as Grunty or Predator.

His E Passive is just another skill that'll help him get himself positioned.

His ulti, is a skill that can very much counter carries or casters. Simply when you are on low life, activate your ulti and the enemy will quickly flee or die.


But then again, there are some roles that just deal with it.

This hero needs to be 'carried' to late midgame or to lategame, where, if fed, he will be a very hard counter.

The trick is, to simply not let him get past that hard time of early-mid midgame. That is when he is most vunerable.









Since I do not have much time right now, I'll only show the final item build;

Energy Saber

Yamato Reactor

Phantom Menace

Galactic Defender




Of course, you can replace some items with situational items such as Parallax.


Unfortunately, I'm running short on time. Since I have written the main things down, I will end now. Ty for reading ^_^

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