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Hero Suggestion-Anti-Drex. Pincone


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This one is for Drex (note, this hero suggestion is purely for laughs).


Hero Name: Anti-Drex.Pinecone

Category/Type: Strength

Backstory: Angered by Drex's constant bad manner towards the Pinecone Gods, the Pinecone Gods have sent the Anti-Drex. Pinecone to exterminate him!

Attack Range: 12 units


Heroic Passive: Omnipresence

Pinecone can see high ground and through bushes. If a player's name has ever been [skyNA]Drex, Pinecone has constant vision of his unit. If [skyNA]Drex is playing Pinecone, the unit will suicide every 5 seconds.


(Q) Pin Missile (for you Generation 3 Pokemon Fans):

Ability Range: 8 units, 3 unit radius

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Pinecone showers the target area with spikey pine needles, dealing 100/200/300/400 True Damage in the targeted area. If the damaged player's name has ever been [skyNA]Drex, the damage taken is doubled.


(W) Harden (for you bug pokemon fans)


Pinecone gains 1000/2000/3000/4000 HP and 15/30/45/60 Spell and Physical Armor. If a player whose name has ever been [skyNA]Drex attacks Pinecone, he receives 200% of damage dealt (before mitigation) as True Damage.


(E) Explosion

Ability Range: 3/4/5/6 unit radius from point of origin

Cooldown: None

Pinecone explodes, committing suicide, and damaging allies and enemies within the blast radius for his total HP as True Damage. If Pinecone dies as a result of using this ability, his respawn time is halved. If Pinecone uses this ability while a player whose name has ever been [skyNA]Drex is on the map, that player is immediately killed along with Pinecone, and his respawn time is tripled.


® Wrath of the Pines

Ability Range: 7 units

Cooldown: 60 Seconds

AoE Radius: 6 units

Pinecone harnesses the power of the Pinecone Gods, causing a great Pine Tree to spawn at the target point, damaging enemies for 40%/50%/60% of their Max HP as True Damage in the area. The Tree then remains in the area, attacking nearby enemy units, prioritizing low HP heroes, for 3% of their Max HP as True Damage with a attack speed of 1. If the Tree damages a player whose name has ever been [skyNA]Drex, the damage dealt is quadrupled.

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