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[Geminus.Boros] DPS -Carry Guide [INCOMPLETE]


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///////////////////////////////////////THIS GUIDE IS INCOMPLETE//////////////////////////////////////////////

/////////////////////////////I WILL FINISH IT ASAP WHEN I HAVE TIME//////////////////////////////////




  • 1.0 15/12/2014 Created Guide


Hello, it's Darkr here with a guide on Geminus.Boros. I'll cover most of the important tactics and builds in this guide. It will be constantly updated when I have time, I'm just dropping this down here quickly. Lets get started shall we?


What is Boros?

Boros is a initiator carry hero, who mainly relies on jungle to power himself. Since he is melee, he does not have much power in laning early game. Boros' Q ability; Psionic Storm is mostly used to protect himself from various debuffs and burst spell dmg, but can also be used to deal the damage needed to finish off a hero without being able to attack. It is a brilliant combo with his bola, which brings us to... Boros' W ability! Boros' Psionic Bola more often called just Bola is Boros' primary ability. It can save allies, kill enemies, and sometimes even help is in jungling. I always max out my bola first, so that I'l have more range. His E just gives him passive crit which is useful mid-late game. His R gives you x free hits. X being 3,6 or 9 (depending on lvl of ability). It is very very useful in finishing up enemies, and on lvl 3 of the ability, I could even bola, Q, and ulti to kill an enemy nova etc. I also love combo-ing Q with R. But it is always better to live than to get a kill.



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