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New Intelligence Hero - Tassadar.Carrier


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This is in fact my first post and unfortunately, I am not as intellectually supported and in game experienced as some of the fantastic threads I have read, but I still wanted to give it a go as I would truly love to see this character in game. Now, my idea lacks the base numbers other threads have but please bare with me.


Character Name - Tassadar.Carrier

Character Unit - Carrier

Heroic Passive - Tassadar begins with two interceptors capable of combat and dealing a weapon damage of 5(+75% Int)per interceptor. When all Tassdars' interceptors are destroyed, Tassadar gains a movement speed bonus of +25%


Attack Style (Range : 7) - Interceptors are launched at target, dealing 5(+75% Int)


Spell Slot Q : Swarm Seige - All available Interceptors are targeted upon a single target dealing base damage, but will continue to chase the target until all interceptors are destroyed. Whilst Swarm Seige is activated, Tassadar is unable to attack other units as his interceptors are engaged.

Level progression awards : 50/100/200/300(+75% intelligence) shield to attacking interceptors.



Spell Slot W : Advanced Starship - With the development of Tassadars' starship, Tassadar gains two additional Interceptors and reduces the replenishment time of defeated interceptors.

Level progression awards : 2/4/8/10 permanent interceptors. 20/15/10/5 seconds replenishment (Queued for each interceptor).



Spell Slot E : Advanced Combat - Tassadar charges a psionic blast that disables its target, rendering them stunned.

Level progression awards : 2/3/4/5 second stun



Spell Slot R : Warp Recall - Tassadar instantly replenishes its interceptors.

Level progression awards : 75/60/45/30 second cooldown.


Base HP - 550

Sight Range - 12


Anything else I have missed, I am sure people can tweek with their own input and modifications

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Your numbers are horribly off from what would be considered balance but that aside, the hero is too similar to garamond. As a side note i think that the devs wont put a carrier hero into the game because they are either too big and clunky looking next to the other heros or the look silly because they are so small compared to what they should be.

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I think it's stupid that we would never put a hero model in just because the sizing is weird. Each hero takes on a character of their own after a while so I don't think all heroes have to be biological in order to feel like they belong in the game.


With that being said, it is important that when developing a hero, you create it in order to 1) Fill a gap in the hero pool that hasn't been filled, 2) Introduce a novel concept that approaches hero development from a different angle or 3) create a hero that provides what two different heroes provide and do it in a clean, concise way that synergizes with items and gameplay.


Like Quist said, this hero is similar to Garamond. Try changing it so that it does something different from him.

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