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Resources stalling the game.


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So i uninstalled and reinstalled SCII 1-2 week ago, and after that i cant get rid of this=( Anyone got some tips? Computer is like 2 months old and almost not used.

Its been peaking as high as 12000ms some times. normally between 2000ms and 8000ms in a game.





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Here are some ways that always improve my game performance:

  • Close Chrome (or any other un-needed processes)
  • Use a virus scanner
  • Use a malware scanner (I recommend malwarebytes; google it)
  • Download overwolf, fraps or any program that shows you your fps (I don't trust sc2) and see what fps it shows u.
  • Use razer cortex or any other game booster.
  • Uninstall any suspicious software (AVG, toolbars, etc, etc..)

if none of the above works, try selective startup https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/shutting-down-background-applications?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=support_forums&utm_campaign=BlizzardCS

and if that doesn't work, I'm afraid I can't help you (you could always try reinstalling battle net/sc2 in safe mode)

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Please list the hardware spec that you are currently using vs old one.


Saying a computer is "two month old" does not provide enough of information.


It can be a crappy $500 stock computer to $3000 custom built PC.


Please also provide a list of all installed software under "\\Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features"


Please run following programs IN ORDER:


1. AdwCleaner



2. malwarebytes



3. HitmanPro



Delete all the stuffs these software finds, they are almost always correct.


(On a side note, read the file name and to see which porno website is giving you virus and don't go there unless necessary)


Open up Task Manager while Starcraft II and your internet browsers are both running and go to "Processes" tab and Google search each and every thread with keyword "ProgramName.exe(single space bar)site:file.net" to find any suspicious programs.


Double check your auto backup schedule and virus scanner schedule to see if they are running during the time you are playing Starcraft II.


On a side note, you do not need another program to show FPS in Starcraft II, you can hit "Ctrl+Alt+F" to show FPS and network spikes.

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