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First of all, Hi there! I'm new here. I'm sorry if my English is bad.


Without introductions, Dehaka is really bad after new big patch months ago. It has no sense consuming life with each skill, or at least this amount. I explain it:

  1. I’m all the game with half hp bar. I cant hold higher using skills regularly, but it’s the point of Dehaka, using the skills.

  1. When you want to start a fight. With a max hp of 2000, for example, you lose 300 hp with E (15%) + 255 with Q (15%) + 72.25 with W (5%) + 235.9 with R (15%).

So: -663.15 hp (33.16%) only starting a fight with your entire stuff. 1/3 of your hp and probably making less damage to the enemy than this loss. And that’s without counting the incoming damage.

  1. Consequently your ulti have insufficient amount of hp regen. In tier 1 you only regen 20% when you loose more using your main skills.

  1. Funniest thing is that you get reduced the cooldown with the passive.

In conclusion, PLEASE go back to old Dehaka, just consuming energy. Or change those no sense percentages.

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