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Medic (still too strong)


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I know whale has changed medic from support to a burst caster, but when a burst caster can do 1300 damage to a raynor who has SILVER SOUL and SPELL BUFFER is still ridiculous.


I know his ult amplifies his next ability, but doubling that damage and making its scaling 100% is ridiculous.


at level 7 medic was able to do 600 damage (ult + aoe slow ability) at this time all skittles had was a pendant and 1 paldron....


I am not really complaining about early game it is more of the late game cause no hero not even raynor's ult with mark can do 1300 damge against someone with SS and SB. I think the health portion just needs to go and maybe try scaling as 45% with 90% (ult)


plz look into this im bringing medic up for auto in all my inhouses im captain and the chain has started to become a chain link


another thing make the cooldown longer if u use the ability with medics new ult that seems reasonable

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