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New game modes?


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Idea 1) -Iswap


Upon killing an enemy hero, you will obtain one of their items at random for a period of time. Example? Nova dies to micro while having Shadowmourne, Khali Blade, Arcbound, Explosive retrofit and Force of Entropy; Micro then gains from a RNG Arcbound for say 30 seconds.


Idea 2) -Pswap


Same concept as above, except with this game mode, you temporaily gain the passive of the unit you killed. So if Nova kills Drake, for a period of time for every assist/kill Nova gets she will gain +2 strength permanently.


Idea 3) -Ritem


Upon taking a rune from the river (Mendy, Speedy, Hurty) if you die while having this follower you lose one of your items, and the enemy hero whom kills you then can swap his/her item out for your item.


Idea 4) -Bling


Randomly banelings will come from different parts of the map wandering about, engaging whomever crosses their path. So if you're a jungle hero or planning to gank, you just might be hit from a baneling waddling through the map. These could be worth a little money but could add another layer of fun to the game.


NOTE: These are just for fun. We have -rr (random respawn) and things like -tm (test mode). Mirror matchups and random respawn are RARELY played anymore.

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I like the passive swap, it's just some will be totally pointless on certain heroes. For example, Penthos orbs would be pointless on other heroes.


I feel like these modes would be quite buggy.

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more game modes would be fun. that was mentioned before long ago. something about they would have to make a 2nd game page to do that so players don't get mad if they don't get the game choice they wanted to play when joining. but they don't want to make another game because then they would lose their position in the top 10 played games. as in some players would play one type and some the other type reducing overall played.


which to me didn't make sense since they did have the 2 modes of veteran and new(something) that supposeably separated players for que.

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