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Explanation as to why I've been away


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I probably made this in the wrong spot, but whatever, couldn't find a good spot.


I'm sure some of you have noticed that I have been missing recently. If you're wondering why, it's because my computer broke. If Skye and Lucid remember that game where I was playing Garamond (or maybe it was cow) and I just randomly left (sorry for that, hope you won), that was because something fried my power supply and my motherboard, so I have to buy another computer instead of just replacing the power supply, otherwise I'd probably be back before Thanksgiving or on the weekend after.


If I buy a stock model, I could be back as soon as next week. I was also discussing building custom with a friend (the better but longer and more expensive route), so if I choose that option, there's no telling when I'll be back.


But just so no one's like "Oh my god, what happened to Scrub" or something like that, that's why.


If you're wondering how I typed this, I got access to someone's computer.

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