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Any one know who this guy is?


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this guy seems to know that ecko did a big effort on aos, i read on a blizzard forum that ecko is/or was actually a blizzard employee.


That isn't true.


Ecko, however, at some point, did apply for a job at Blizzard but I think he's loving his teaching job as a professor right now.


Brax was the person who actually worked for Blizzard but he retired from SotIS developing years ago. He was also the person who made the UIs.

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well i have no intentions of writing bullshap, I read it because the original DotA map was made by someone with the same name or very very similar and it appeared they called him a developer or something too.


*edit : (on wow if im not wrong, im soz i dont know all blizzard games that have a dota style of game)

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