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A guide to BM


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After reading through the forum and playing many games, it has occurred to me that many people don't know if they are handfuls or not. No worries, I am

here to let you know if you are an handful (yes you are probably an handful).


Let's first define what good manners are, because let's face it you handfuls don't know.

Good manners are having or showing behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.


Conversely bad manners are being a selfish handful.


Examples of BM:

Being an handful to your teammates.



-Basically if it is not nice don't say it to a teammate.


Being an handful to someone from a previous game.

- just flobing let it go.


Not surrendering in a 1v5 or 2v5










Smack talk isn't always BM. As long as it remains general and doesn't attack someone personally.

GM smack talk: "Please surrender" (after first blood)

BM smack talk: "Jesus flobing Christ you are the worst drake ever. You must be a retard for building an AA drake."

Also you should never smack talk a teammate.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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What if the 1v5 is an easy win?


Good manners are having or showing behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.

No one wants to play a 1v5 except maybe the handful single player. So it is respectful and considerate to resign.

"Why should the single player resign and not the other team?"

- It is true rating doesn't matter, but most of us seek fairness and justice. It is unjust to let a single player win because he is an handful.

- If you think a 1v5 is an easy win, it's because you get a huge advantage to start off the game with extra money and buffs. Also the other team will be trying to push hard to end this sham of a game so they will most likely be out of position. This results in the handful thinking they are good when they are really an handful.

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Yp this basicly became nothing strange, atleast on eu.

Btw mod should move this to guide and strategy?????


Lol this is hardly a guide or strat that belongs in that section



And in that 5v1 situation I have enjoyed being both the 1 and in the 5.

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Guest Googles

if you want a lesson in BM. catch me in pub where I troll








The best kind of BM is one u can learn from. when i troll, the players either get better or rq. I got this idea from Roonaldo on Mumble. He says that he bm's people and they choose to get better or quit. and if ur not good then u dont need to be playing the game. those are his words. if he can do it on mumble and no one cares then i can do it in pubs.


my last post had a bunch of spaces for some reason. idk how that happend



my posts combined somehow! like magic. and now I know there is an edit button. so cool

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