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The Sandcastle


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Two children were idle in the playground. They weren't exactly sure what to do. They didn't know eachother extremely well, though they respected one-another.

"Lets just build our own" one of them said, "We can make it bigger and better!" he proclaimed. The other one agreed and they went to the sandbox of the playground.


The children had played at the beach, in a massive sandcastle there. There had been many other children around and it had been fun for a long time - but eventually they discovered every nook and cranny of the structure, becoming bored in the process.


It was a tough job in the sandbox. The two children wanted admirers for their sandcastle, but there were not a lot of kids at the playground - there were many more at the beach, and more sand too. They would return to their castle every morning and every time rain or wind had destroyed part of it that they then had to rebuild. It was a lot of work and they soon realised it would take months and months, maybe years, for their sandcastle to reach the scope of the one they had played in on the beach.


In their frustration they journeyed back towards the beach - but a chubby little boy with a baseball cap confronted them on the way. "You're not going to believe it," he claimed with a smile emphasizing his double chin, "the guy who was building the castle on the beach left you something there, you should go check it out". The two children looked at eachother as their eyes widened.


"Use this only when you have to and only on those who dare question your right to use it" the note said. The two children had found the piece of paper on top of the loaded pistol, in one of the chambers of the sandcastle. It was addressed to them personally.


"Lets abandon our own sandcastle and instead aim to refurbish this one" one of them exclaimed, the other nodded and replied, "Yes, there are more kids who can play with our sandcastle here and we won't have to rebuild every morning." they turned the paper over, as something was written on the other side. Again, it was about the usage of the pistol: "Try to only use on skinny children and never those wearing baseball caps". They smiled - that wouldn't be a problem!


Many overweight children were about and a few skinny ones. "You're barred" one of the two declared, as he approached one of the skinny children. "You're not fat nor are you wearing a baseball cap, so if you don't get out, I will shoot you" he continued, as he raised the loaded weapon and pointed it at the other.



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