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New eye of narud / hatchet


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Way nerfed compared to old eye of Narud. The old eye crit 100% damage vs non-heroic was amazing. The new stats are hardly improved vs hatchet (5% more true damage than hatchet, a bit of weapon damage and weapon speed).


I feel like my money is much better spent elsewhere.


If the intent was to promote melee heroes with a nerf to ranged true damage on hatchet, that's cool. Hatchet was a go to item on almost every dps, now maybe not so much (really go to now on melee dps though).


But the additional changes to the item make it much less attractive. Better to keep hatchet and sell later.



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The old item was extremely OP and it was toned down for this very purpose.


The new item is "balanced" and may felt weak due to how overpowered it was and how cheap it was compare to the new version.


The stats were discussed via Mumble with several people and I believe you were just not logged on the Mumble that day because I recalled playing the game with you while the discussion was going on.

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