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Support/initiation hero


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Beginning Concept. I am gonna work on it, and some things may get changed as more details get put in.


Q- Creates 3 vortex in a line length of 4 units. The vortex pulls enemies to its center slowing the movement speed by 15-20-35% and stuns for 1.5 seconds before disappearing. Hero takes damage over time only when pulled into vortex center. Additional damage to creeps. Level 1- Vortex lasts 2 seconds Level 2- Vortex lasts 3 seconds Level 3-Vortex lasts 4 seconds Level 4- Vortex lasts 5 seconds


W-Creates a quantum portal which summons a friendly unit (medic). Medic follows hero and heals for percentage of health. Medic reduces movement speed of whoever she heals.


E--Camouflage - Use this ability on neutrals will provide vision to a team. When neutrals are destroyed, they will re spawn as clones looking exactly as original neutrals in health and damage but will yield no minerals when killed. This ability can be used on Aeon or Levi.


R- Creates quantum area with 5 random vortex . Vortex grants friendly unit movement speed while it slows enemies in area for 35% pulling them off their route to center of Vortex . Heros take damage per second while in vortex.

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Interesting, hero would be probobly played only support which i dont mind.

We would have to see how would that vortex mechanics work, even on shadow I find it very op.Deffinetely needs some numbers on w and e so hero can be judged more.

I also dont like thing with w cuz it would slow friendly heroes, and can be used only for heal when out of combat, or in fight if u are tank or something as that, Spell can also be used only for trolling cuz it slows movement of friendly hero.

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In SC1 on the UMS map Temple Siege, there was a hero called Medic (Kerrigan ghost model) and one of her abilities would summon a medic next to each allied hero on the map for about 6 seconds. The medics were invincible and did not slow. It was just a nice little lane sustain for them though. Sucked if you had non bio units though lol.


Might be an OP skill in AoS though, unless you make the medics killable and give bounty.

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