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Forum bug(Or maybe intended)


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When i press 'edit my profile'

i have this 8 button


profile settings

profile costomizsdfmzcxlkvm;



ignore stuff

manage attachment

notification option

my notification


anyway i asked adam how to change my username then he said there is 9th button called

'display name'

is forum bugged for me or is it because adam is mod?

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I also dont get the option.


Must be a permissions level? Maybe for moderators and greater, plus perhaps those who have contributed financially? I'm not sure what jamesalot's "Honored Dropper" means but I assume it's a public sign that he donated money in the past? Guessing at that one...

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its right below email. you must just be blind



Profile Settings



Profile Customization



Email & Password



Display Name






'Ignore' Preferences



Manage Attachments



Notification Options



My Notifications
















is it possible for someone in forum to change my name instead?

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