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Balance of New Items


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I'm going to list every single major new item change I can think of and list my opinions concerning balance about it.


1. Xel-Naga Curiass: Stats are fine, but only builds into Contamination Shard. Would like to see it build into something that would help as a item for pure tanks.


2. Shard of Ruin: Fine


3. Xenomorphic Cleaver: Fine


4. Arcbound Ravager: Unique is fine, stats are a bit screwed. Take out weapon speed, or take out critical. Both seem way too overpowered imo. Heck, crit damage in general seems overpowered imo.


5. C48 Gauss Cannon: Fine


6. Darwin's Might: 2nd rate now imo. Why bother with the unique procing on auto-attack? Might as well just be every 4.5 seconds, since no hero in the game attacks that slow. Anyway, as a life leech item, I think its rather sub-par. It's good, but there are plenty of better items in that department.


7. Naix Claw: Maybe a bit overpowered. If I'm correct, it gives 70 Weapon Damage, which I think is something like 3rd highest, plus the Unique also gives Weapon Damage along with Life Leech. If this also gave health, then Kerrigan would be unstoppable.


8. Everthirst: Not terrible, just better options, even more so than Darwin's Might.


9. Prophecy Stone/Omniscence: I love it, especially how it builds from Lost Treasure. The Unique, required items, and stats really support a...well...support playstyle. Fine in my opinion, feel like it will make support roles more popular.


10. Predator Tusk: Fine


11. Explosive Retrofit: Fine, maybe take out either the health or the life leech, but I think it's fine the way it is.


12. Phase Shield Alpha/Beta: Fine


13. Korhal Vanguard: Kind of miss the Spell Resist it gave, but fine imo.


14. Spell Buffer: Miss the old active.


15. Eternal Drive: Miss the stats/aura. Now it is purely a item for debuffing/single target healing, which I don't think is enough. Think it could use a a buff either in the form of a weaker Korhal aura, better "tanky" stats, or increased range and/or decreased cooldown.


16. Kassia Crystal: I LOVE IT OMG I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. I always thought it would be great if Kassia gave some Intelligence, and now my prayers are answered! Does wonders for Intelligence-based healing support roles. The active, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. Having said that: might be a little overpowered.


17. Soul Sustainer: fine


18. Lethal Barb: No one really cares about it anymore, and I like it that way.


19. Vampiric Amulet/Asura's Guise: Hard to see the Spell leech really in action, so I'm not sure. If I had to say, it's relatively under utilized, whether because it is new and unfamiliar or because it is not worth it I'm not sure.


20. Cauterizer: If I am correct, this item does not affect Physical Damage leech, in which case, I don't think there really is too much of a point to this item other than to shap on Geneva.


21. Executioner's Axe/Khali Blade: Fine



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Overall I'm just enjoying how the new comings of items have enhanced the role of support. Also the various section INT items for the casters is nice as well.


I'm just still a bit confused about the whole spell armor thing. Like probably not enough items for it. The pre-req for Contam is probably the only best option, but as stated above the only option is contam. shard. Probably could use another item for spell armor for the tanks. When I tank I'm still feeling like the INT casters are taking a huge chunk of my life even when im ahead because the INT items are so buffed lol.

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I add myself to the omniscience and kassia love fanclub....in before kassia on geneva or egon was like meh....wanna be fake and gay support trash healing item.....now with the active + sustain stats it really makes up for whatever your own healing skill doesnt do....it can even help lane push....AND the intel stat makes it worthy so your own skills as a whole get buffed so you dont feel it like a loss


omni? my favorite support gear hands down!!! I only wish for some form of stacks like ihan or to keep the minerals per time and it´d be god tier....free wards and the ability to save some stacks is sooo nice...the ward durations is comming to a nerf I believe so maybe more stacks or something??? I just place this things at creep areas and every key bush and make the lane a safe zone where I and whomever lanes with me can see ganks come with like a year of advice ahead


I also saw a rancor getting it and he dedicated to deward enemy detection and regular wards as well....very usefull and though the stats themself fall off late game the price is good and the items it builds from really good for support


Eternal does fall off a bit imo...not sure if an aura effect is the answer

it is kinda situational imo and the stats it gives to the carrier are a bit sub par i think


idea: when you use the active on an ally heroic you get it on yourself as well...cannot be used on self (this would encourage using the active on an ally even for the healing alone just to get the sustain yourself...this would make the item more benefitial even if theres no debuff to remove but granting yourself something cool for having it around and still helping others...that or some unique stat for yourself and keep the active as is


Aura items? they are fine....you benefit others and you are rewarded yourself with stats on top of the aura effect too so they are really in a good place imo

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