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While this investigation takes place, remove guz's mod


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Sort of like when a cop shoots a civilian, they are placed on administrative leave until the investigation is complete?


And personally I feel, the word you used is rude... and disrespectful... and Wrath or Whale did start a new thread saying "To be clear, you should not under any circumstances make a thread to question the integrity of a specific moderator. Such discussions should be done via private message with one of the senior moderators or admins."


Might be a good idea to take it to PMs, eh? You can start a conversation, include the admins/mods you want to, and hash it out there and probably be more productive than this type of thread. Well, I'd guarantee it would be more productive, because this thread will go nowhere.


I would like to hit "View New Content" and not see 5-10 threads all on the same thing, I'd rather read about the game not the politics.

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