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Mod Review Case [Guz]


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Due to an excessive amount of complaints, this thread is created to notify you that you may PM Me your grievances toward the moderator Guz.


Only PM hard evidence ie: screenshots, recordings, or thread proof. Otherwise don't bother messaging me, decisions cannot be made exclusively on allegory.


This is not a discussion.


Lets see try to get facts out, eh?

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I had a screenshot of GuZ being BM to FrankTheTank in Public Channel, but it got lost and deleted by mods on the forum.

I remember exactly what he said, but I wont post it here due to many 'swearing' occurring (by GuZ).

Tell me if you want a PM.




User has been warned - Post does not follow explicit guidelines - Whale

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Any information I have I do not wish to use in this 'prosecution'. As far as I'm concerned all evidence I have accrued (and potentially sent to anyone) is now void after an out of court settlement. If you have to ask I'm flobbing Diipa's mom.


Kind regards,





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As we all know thers so little evidence since everything was deleted. That is kinda 1st evidence why would he delete reports if they werent true, those were all ss and mumble recorded chats.

Ok lets start with bank file unforchunately its not so hard evidance, but from posts its preaty clear, for some reason voice has been deleted:


This is classic bank file saving into replacing new if u lose.But it wasnt enought, so he decided to find a way to edit it, which isnt so ez atm, but he tryed everything. I rly dont feel looking throught tons of replays to show u his top master badge(this isnt from tourny), but lot of ppl know it, altho he did change it recently, with just deleting bank file, and then u start again from 1500 rating. Altho I do have some evidance that he was doing it, u can clearly see from this post on d3scene


U can also see S4ndler thats his friend so post above must be guz 100%

Well thats all for bank files, also in that video he was explaning his mates how not to lose rating, rly bad for some reason voice was deleted, but as i said, from posts in that topic u can see its true that he said it.


Unfriendly in ih(again only reason im posting this is cuz hes a mod)

Again due to all evidance being deleted for some ridicilous reason there isnt some hard proofs.

Here is well known SS in trash pile that was recently posted


Unfortunately i cant give u more from that cuz im not retard thats gonna take ss every time something happens.

All i can say is guz doesent like soed, ofc im not saying that he should love him or anything he can hate any1 as much as he wants, but as a MOD he cant just encourage ppl to do such things, as u see in ss he was laughting that soed was kicked. Thats evidance, next thing u will just have to trust me on word, cuz after my last statement and cuz a LOT of ppl can confirm it. For example we have 9 in ih lobby and we inv guz, and if there are ppl that he doesent like, doesent matter for what reason, before he leaves the lobby he pms some ppl in lobby that they leave cuz he will make new lobby. Now from here 1 case that happens is that ih dies+cuz its mostly newbie inhousers and he doesent want to play with them, they will never get a chance to play.

Abusing his powers

Same as last 2 paragraphs, lack of evidence for knows reasons, acctualy the least cuz that was always deleted topic. But thers 1 proof still. When guz just became moderator I was in darks that time, and he was saying on mumble multiple times how he is going to ban quidditch. Ofc u cant just trust me but, http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/4955-who-is/page__p__85442#entry85442


Thats all i cen say, if he wasnt deleting every singe evidence there would be more.

Also whale i will show u pm i have copied that me and quidditch sent to red.

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