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five nights at freddys scariest sht?


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I actually played the game already. I think it has quite clever, albeit very simplistic, design.


At certain points it was quite exhilarating, though I didn't find it particularly scary, as sticking to the "loud noise jump scare" doesn't really do it for me.

I can recommend the game for some occasionally heart-pounding gameplay, if you are alone and it is late at night with your lights turned off.



I should add that the game looks awesome, though. Really conveys a sense of dread in a way, I think, building the atmosphere perfectly.

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dead space is just gruesome, not scary. As a person that doesn't find blood and oddly bone-deformed mutants, and the strange guy with an eyeball on the fork scary, I just thought the whole thing stupid. Loud noises do bug me, so I perhaps cheat myself by turning down the volume a little bit, as that causes the jump scares to be less scary. Also, logic flaws really ruin the scare for me too. For example, why are there electric locks on security office doors instead of a good ol' padlock, especially considering how stingy the management is on electricity. If the things attack at night because they don't know you are human, why don't you bring a flashlinght/candle/etc to better illuminate you as human, so they won't bother you?


What makes a game scary, is limited resources. Knowledge that you cannot simply shoot every enemy in the face, because you haven't nearly enough ammo. etc. Freddy's did that well, so the concept is right. I just don't find any of the things scary is all.

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