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+1 to eternity


also welcome to the forums ( I just checked your profile to see about how long u started getting into this)


Shadowmourne, if you read more carefully is not about the strength stat or the weapon damage boost... other items are better at that by far.


Its the unique property that allows you to attack another hero and punish him for having many on-hit effects. Many auto attack based characters will equip things like pyre that deals extra damage based on enemies hp, or slips that adds spell damage on attack plus damage based on your weapon damage (that autoattackers already have high values on). Critical strikes may trigger on hit depending on the gear you use.


Shadowmourne makes a shadow of your enemy that deals significantly less amount of damage but copies all the on hit effects too, resulting in an incredible amount of extra damage as long as you are attacking that enemy. If you change target to a regular hero or a pure support geared hero for example, you pretty much lose all that Shadowmourne has to offer.


Thats what Eternity refers to when saying it is situational. It is an item you only will get in the specific scenario that a certain hero with many on hit effects and high weapon damage is troubling you and you just have to defeat him yourself (instead of someone else on your team).


I hope this helped understand better the item and when to get it.

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