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Ebola: Stop The Spread


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We all know, hopefully, about Ebola by now. I myself have spread Ebola to many people, although I was not a carrier very often. Ebola has always been a problem. For years catching Ebola has led either straight to death, or made your body weak to the infamous RnWin. There is no vaccine. There is no cure. But there is a way to survive. Don't catch it.


That's right by ignoring the blue swirls of an incoming Ebola you can not only survive, but you can prevent anyone else from catching it for a short period of time. This is not a terribly effective way to prevent its spread, but its the best we got. Do your part, or you will die, making the Ebola stronger.


I would like to propose a change in the game AoS. We need to quarantine this threat. Boros, the main spreader of Ebola, needs to be auto banned. He has always been a threat to society, but now he is causing wide spread panic. Support the Boros ban. Stop Ebola.




Ebola. n. (ee-boe-la)

The W power of Boros that catches people in an online game of AoS, does damage, and brings them to their doom.

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