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~Aeon of Storms Christmas Special~


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Aeon of Storms is going to proudly sponsor the next International Tournament!!!!

Come join the fun in the next big AOS event!

We hope to provide organized competitive games that are fair across the regions!


Reregistration is now open for the AOS Christmas Special. Interested teams need to message me there team using the format below

Reregistration ends Tuesday December 16th



Team Name:


Member 1:

Member 2:

Member 3:

Member 4:

Member Sub (Optional)


Up to 3 subs are allowed



Players may register as a "single".

Players who are considered singles may be picked up as subs for other teams

Players who are considered singles may form a team with other singles on the day of the event.

If you wish to register as a single player use the format below





In game name:




To help build a strong & competitive AoS community, the AOS Christmas Special will be held on Saturday December 20th There are no brackets to show; every match will be randomized so you won't know which team you'll play against until the day of the event. As it stands I plan to have double elimination with a losers bracket. But this is subject to change depending on the amount of teams that register.


Schedule for December 20:

NOTE: Eastern Time Zone

10:00 AM - Introduction & Team Match-Up

10:30 AM - Games Begin



Schedule for December 21:

Semi Finals: TBA

Finals: TBA


Schedule for day 2 is subject to change depending on how many teams register. And how smoothly day 1 goes.







1st Place

1. Gold Grand Master Badge

2. In Game Colored Titles

3. 25$ Gift Card for Applebees , Chili's


2nd Place

1. Blue Master Badge

2. In Game Colored Titles

3. 25$ Gift Card for Applebees , Chili's


I felt like doing something a bit different this time in terms of the cash prize. The first and second place teams will receive a e-gift card in there e-mail for one of these two restaurants of there choice. Applebee's + Chili's.

Each team will be awarded 6 gift cards in total. 5 players + 1 Sub.


All Participants

1. Sarah.Kerrigan hero skin

We will be awarding a hero skin for the champion Kerrigan. This skill will be made available to every player that participates in this event.










A pretty exciting item is going to be raffled off. More to come!






All participants must agree to these rules:

1. Be fair and bring good sportsmanship to the game.


2. Acknowledge that requests will be very limited to speed up the tourney's process.


3. Understand that any game exploit you commit implies forfeit.


4. Understand that all teams are required to meet in the Christmas Special Lobby at 10 am. If your team is 30 minutes late to the event (held on Mumble Server), your team will be disqualified. If your team is lacking 5 players you may take players from the singles list to create a team. After the head count is finished and teams take "if any" players from the singles list. The remaining singles may form up and create there own team.


5. The First Two Matches of the Tourney will be Best of One. Then they will progress into Best of 3's


6. The Event will be Double Elimination. All games played in the Losers Bracket will be Best of One. Subject to Change depending on the pace of the event.


7. Each BO3 game will start with a coin flip or rock paper scissors to determine who gets TEAM 1 slot "Protoss Side and first pick in draft". Rotate for the 2nd game. If the match goes into a 3rd game a coin flip or RPS will be done.


8. NA vs EU matches will flip or RPS for TEAM 1"Protoss Side" and server. Rotate for the 2nd game. If the match goes into a 3rd game a coin flip or RPS will be done. Winning team of the coin flip gets to choose the server but the team who losses the flip chooses Protoss or Zerg Side


9. BO1 Games with both teams from the same server will coin flip or rock paper scissors. The winner of this will be able to choose from 1 of the 2 options. First Pick in Draft. Or Protoss / Zerg Side. Loser will get to pick there preference of the choice the winner does not take. (I.E I win the flip and I choose Toss side. My Opponent gets to choose if there first pick or second in the draft. If I chose first pick my opponent gets to chose there side of the map.)


10. If a player drops from the game. The game will be recovered. If the player drops and does not re log with in a reasonable amount of time. The team with the drooped player will forfeit. Or if the opposing team's captain agrees they can remake the game with a sub. This decision only belongs to the team with out a dropped player.


11. Specs will be allowed only if both captains agree. Specs are not allowed to alt tab or go afk during the game. Specs are not allowed to be in the same channel as the players. If a spec is lagging spec will leave the game. Spectators please be respectful of the players.



We want this event to run quickly and smoothly as possible! To prevent potential delays, There will be a ZERO Tolerance for bad manners and general trolling

Clans are not required, but we encourage you to make one. It helps us easily identify teams. Clan names should be appropriate. Names that are vulgar or inappropriate cannot participate.

We will try our best to find a Referee for every game to ensure that everyone plays by the same rules. ONLY Referees may pause/resume: When request for Pause, Referees will type in the countdown before pausing. When request for Resume, Referees will first ask if everyone is ready before starting the countdown to resume the match. 2 Pause Requests per team, 5 minutes each.

Livestreams will not be available UNLESS both teams agree to do so. We will not be held accountable for ghosting.





Game Mode: Draft Pick




  • Be reasonable about draft times. Try to limit the picks and bans to less then a minute if possible.
  • One of the biggest reason why these events last so long is due to teams taking 30-40 mins per draft per game. Having a best of 3 last 4 hours is unacceptable.
  • I dont want to be forced to crack down on the draft seeing as its such an important part of the of the game.
  • Teams found to be stalling the draft will forfeit. Period. They will not be allowed to drop into the losers bracket.


Team 1

Team 2



Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:

Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:

Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:


Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:

Team 1 Pick:

Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:


Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:


Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:

Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:




Auto Bans


Fixed Bans:


1 Pusher



Captains will be allowed to set unique autobans for any given match. As long as both captains agree on said bans



Registered Teams


Team Name: SLP

Captain: Highdrater

Member 1: SpeedoGuy

Member 2: Quidditch

Member 3: Roonaldo

Member 4: DavidChan

Member Sub:


Team Name:

Captain: Apache

Member 1: Lolita

Member 2: Marc

Member 3: Terminator

Member 4: Revision

Sub: DoublePerkin

Sub: Dantheman

Sub: Gnart


Team: Darks

Captain: Zombie

Member 1: Guz

Member 2: Sylar

Member 3: Spooky

Member 4: Shorty

Sub: Dare

Sub: Kael

Sub Zeeeend


Team: REKT

Captian: purepsycho

Member 1: mutagetsu

Member 2: rango

Member 3: maxwell

Member 4: justafrican



Team Name: Sea Merlins

Captain: Shenmeister

Member 1: Polaris

Member 2: farmerbob

Member 3: Rain

Member 4: StubbornMule

Member Sub: BizznessLord

Member Sub: Chaotnix


Team Name:

Captain: Kakashi

Member 1: Rodregrrez

Member 2: Stethoscope

Member 3: SpaceApe

Member 4: Bear

Sub: Kurt

Sub: Tisk

Sub: Ubersauce


Team LuDaCris;

Captain: ArmaDrake (Hypnose)

Member 1: Lame (Hypnose)

Member 2: Barcode (Hypnose)

Member 3: Anax

Member 4: Brylant

Sub 1: gghacker

Sub 2: IlJahi

sub 3: Steakman


Team Name: SUTARI

Captain: Invoker

Member 1: Apophis

Member 2: EnraReyeg

Member 3: RustInPieces

Member 4: Dragoneye

Member Sub: Sheldor


Team Name: ????

captain: Ryuuk

Member 1: BlueSkittles

Member 2: Gute

Member 3: Drex

Member 4: DutchOvenPro

Member Sub: Thebarbarian

Member Sub: bahamut


Team Name: JaNaps

Captain: Akhenapton

Member 1: Neyti

Member 2: Biertjuh

Member 3: Tese

Member 4: Drizzit

Member Sub: Razer

Member Sub: Coyot

Member Sub: Tonitight


Team Name: eZwins

Captain: RiDz

Member 1: DoubleG

Member 2: Anthanax

Member 3: Nafel

Member 4: Eros

Member Sub (Optional) Fighter / Notoogien


Team: AMG

Captain: blazin

member1: novack

Member 2: Maverik

Member 3: Zigo

Member 4: Claw

Sub: romethia draktara skye dutchovenpro





Registered Singles






Name: ScrubbaDubNub

Region: NA


Name: Moo

Region NA


Name: SCV

Region NA


Name: Quistmann

Region NA



Region:NA/EU (more eu)


Name: Doom

Region: NA


Name HarryHoot

Region: NA


Name: LiquidDog

Region: NA


Name: TerraNova

Region: NA

In game name: Andy


Name: ycallaF



Name: Maverik

Region: NA[


Name: PureCheese

Region: NA





Quidditch - http://www.twitch.tv/xquidditch

Eternity - http://www.twitch.tv/eternitydia


If you would like to stream this event post here or shoot me a pm





10/27/2014: Created Thread

10/27/2014: Added Singles

11/28/2014: Updated Prizes

12/19/2014: Updated Rules



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Went ahead and made this post even tho I don't have all the information needed yet. I wanted to set an official date and give every one ample time to prepare.


One thing you might notice and I want to point out is the starting time. The starting time is 10am EAST. While this is a bit early for West Coast players. We have ran into issues in the past with our European brethren with events running to late into the night. Hopefully this in conjunction with a proper in game draft mode. We wont run into any of those issues.

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Oh hell yeah, you can already count me in.


Quidditch, you can go ahead and make a note that if I don't find or make a team, I'll probably be available as a free agent for any team that finds itself in need of a player on tournament day.

I would also appreciate being a free agent. ^_^
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So, Its been a while since I paid attention to this thread.


I haven't gotten a whole lot of discussion. So I assume I covered almost everything in the OP.


I will get the prizes updated asap.


I expect a decent turn out from the EU teams this tourney with the time change. I also hope NA teams can rally and commit. Can I expect a second coming of G+G ??

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I wish you could be slightly mature and able to reflect just a little bit over things.


To be honest, i did expect better from. What kind of a answer is that anyway?


Do you think players on EU dont take offence to that? They also told me you guys used that kinda teamname in last tournament to. I have no idea how such a name passes the tournament host as an ok/decent/good name and is accepted as teamname.


Why make a answer wich is just a personal attack really? If its not FckEU/FookEU it must be FKZombieblablabla.





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