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How are you supposed to play new dehaka?


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The % hp cost on his spells means that any trade he makes will mean that he takes a LOT more damage than he outputs. So what items/playstyles are you supposed to use to be able to play him? I mean free short range pull is nice, but without an IH team to back you up, I can't find a way to make him work well until lategame when I get 6 K hp and slowly, slowly autoattack heroes down while they basically do nothing to me because no one bothers with death mask or cauterizer in pubs.

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Every time he auto attack, he gain a % of his HP back so utilize this to your advantage. The more you attack, the shorter the CD and the more HP gains.


He is a fighter/bruiser that will either barrow to initiate or pull enemy to your team with his tongue.


With the help of Impact Dial, he can be very effective doing so.


With the massive healing from his ult combined with his W to slow enemy down, he is a very destructive role in any team fight.

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