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New Member Introductions and Section Rules


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Welcome to www.aeonofstorms.com


This place is here for you to Introduce Yourself to other members on the website. A few things you may want to mention:


- Your SC2 name

- Region you play on

- What country you are from

- Favorite hero

- Favorite item

- Computer specifications

- Favorite food

- Sports you play

- etc, etc



Of course, anything else you want to add is good. You can edit the same thread later to make it your intro here.


Points To Be Noted:

- You are allowed to make only a single thread in this section which you can edit at any point of time.

- Multiple threads will either be closed or deleted, and you will be penalized accordingly.

- Please do not bump or necro your thread.

- Double posts will be deleted, use the EDIT button if needed.


For any other information and queries, please contact the Staff. We'll be more than happy to help.




- AoS Staff

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