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How to win at AoS: a complete strategy guide


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Step 1: Gather 5 heros with stuns or disables of some kind (kind of hard to not pick 5 intentionally, it's over 50% of the hero pool)

Step 2: Run away until you can fight someone who can be stunlocked for the entire length of a fight, then go hard in the paint cuz u da man

Step 3: Proclaim your victory over an opponent who was never able to use any of their heros for the entirety of the game and call it skills

Step 4: Profit




I've quit this game like 6 times now, I keep coming back thinking it will become good eventually, but it just goes downhill every flobing time I play. I don't know why I wasted my time.


Maybe you should consider the reason this is the smallest dota-style community of all time despite the obvious benefit of having your game inside sc2.


Or don't, I really don't give a shap, I won't be around to see what dumb shap happens after this because clearly nobody intelligent is in charge.


Idiot spam from retard fanboys may be added below as needed.

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