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Being Warned for topics that make sense? Bming? lmao, what a childish thing Ginosaji.

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Idc what you think about me, my topics make sense. Bye.


From Ginosaji: Still unsure whether troll, smurf, or simply bm new guy. Whatever the case, your behavior isn't permissible. Although you weren't excessively over the line, you were near it. Hence, a "warning." A warning is merely that, to show you what behavior is discouraged. I've warned you multiple times today, in multiple threads, both officially and unofficially. Many of your topics have valid points true, but many of them are nonesensical, contentless, or fullied with BM. Anway, take a couple days to think it over.

User Was Banned For This Post

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If you read them and imagine what I am trying to say, you will understand.


But on a side-note, clearly the requirements for becoming a mod are standard. Some people abuse the power, and I am one that stands against abuse of any form. Especially the abuse of people herding like cattle to be "cool". Ginosaji had no right to warn me, and may have the floor, now, to ban me if he wants for my flame of him here, but I clearly could care less at this point.


I post about what is happening, what can be done, what I feel are great SUGGESTIONS to the game-play. If I can be warned for making suggestions, talking about the truth, and joking here and there, then clearly I have stumbled into the wrong community.

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