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Hero Spotlight


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I think someone should start hero spotlights.

Like what league of legends, and what whale tits used to do.

Show off a character, skills, build.

This could help a lot of new players find their play style.

It sparks interest to play new heroes too

I would be open to helping if anything is needed.


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go to mumble if you have and some lovely peoples will show you how to play this game


I know how to play.

I just thought it would be fun to have something for people that want to know more about a hero.



This is why it's in suggestions

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Hero Spotlight or game news are usually used in games with larger community and with enough of resources like League or DotA.


Our developers are already struggling big time when it comes to the very basic of contents and game balances, let alone the Spotlight.


Simply put, the community of AoS isn't growing in a healthy rate if it grows at all. The lack of abilities for the community to add contents is another reason.


All of the above are the contribute factors of why a Hero Spotlight isn't possible and not viable at all.

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