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Farming takes no skill


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Remove farming, just give everyone max everything at beginning, how about that - makes a lot more sense than wasting 30 minutes of a game, every game, farming so that you can see people ragequit and surrender. Pointless. There is hardly enough involvement in the game to make it worthwhile anymore.

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You can not "remove farming"

It is one of the most important mechanics.

Without farming where will you get your money?

Lane creeps? Not good enough for money

Killing heroes? No consistent money.

Some heroes are so bad in lane that they NEED to farm.

Without farm, there would be a gaping hole in this game.

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Farming is no brainer in pub games because the enemy team will not try to stop the jungler and has no wards for map control.


I agree with your statement that farming takes no skill but only in low tier games.


However, farming is one of the most important skills in high tier In House.


You have to be able to farm while avoiding enemy ganks, and also, assisting your team whenever is possible.

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