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Let me tell you why your game is becoming shap if you don't turn it around


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Rancor - hard stun

Cain - aoe hard stun

Vorpal - short stun + aoe pluck

Darpa - silence

Unix - immobilize

Raynor - silence

Erekul - hard stun

LZ - aoe immobilizer ring

Jackson - aoe hard stun

Zeratul - aoe time stop

Tosh - chain hard stuns

Justicar - complete enemy hero control

Drake - pluck with stun for duration

Micro - pluck with stun for duration

Brine - pluck with stun for duration

Boros - pluck with stun for duration



Now take a long look at 90% of your games and which games aren't filled with 50% or upwards to entirely filled with heros from this pool.


At some point, people like to be able to actually control their flobing character when playing the game.

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Just think long and hard about how long you spend able to actually control your character in most fights. I can come up with an endless list of times where a tank was killed from full without ever being able to use any actions at all, and it's not because the damage was high.


Absolutely absurd character balance too, when I can pick cain and faceroll 90% of games regardless of items and then pick shadow and lose every single game like clockwork with a fine tuned build and plan


Let me know when somebody in charge learns how to make games that aren't shap

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