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Jakk : pyre vs t splitter


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im a bit surprised people are not taking arcbound over pyre


60 wep dmg plus 5% move speed. Scale extremly well with the jakk move speed the move speed on grav edge. And the flat damage for shadow mourn

Yes but surely pyre scales with grav, and pyre is a much cheaper form of weapon speed.

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It will be great to have

Pyre Edge SMourne Khali Yamato Arcbound - crits and true damage and 0.3 AS while yamato is active.

But i think that Pyre Smourne Yamato Ihan>Nitrogen Edge and…. shap i forgot last item is better. Maybe FoE for more tankiness and slow

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Cause jakk has a hard time farming that extra 500-600 minerals......


When you sit down and do the math. Pyre isnt dealing a whole lot of damage


When I was toying around with it I think Pyre fits better when you go cerebro and stars ... arcbound fits better when you are going straight damage.


What does your build look like with arcbound?

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