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Brine is incredibly scary early game. Pull to tower, weaken, repeat.

Mid game, he can sneak up with the ultimate and pull, then deal huge damage with the ultimate. Unless everything is truesight warded, brine has too much map presence.

Late game, with the right build brine is almost unkillable. All the damage you do is almost instantly regenerated. His W makes him incredibly speedy. Overall he is too op, in all 3 stages of the game, I know there is counters, regardless, this little roach is op.

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Brine is even more OP than micro as far as initiation goes. at least micro can miss his toss. drake can miss his pluck. brine doesnt miss. Tass doesnt miss also but has a channeling time.


brines with dial early game, and silver soul mid game. And if he has a competent team its very hard to recover from that.

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Brine is very annoying to face because his pull is very strong (long stun and movement).


But Brine doesn't really kill players, he harasses and annoys them. If he is lane-ing with a partner, that is when good teamwork makes brine very tough (the partner does most the damage).


Micro differs in that Micro can ALSO do a decent amount of damage himself. Micro can get kills easier than Brine, not to mention the toss is farther than the pull.


If Micro faces brine, the toss range outdoes the pull range. I.e. you can't engage a good micro, since he will toss you before you pull him.


Overall Micro is superior.



Also OP'er. Late game Brine is not all that strong. He only lives forever if he goes full tanky and speed and never engages anyone. His damage potential all but disappears. He just continues to harass all game. Midgame he can actually kill people. By late game, he cant.

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Brine is always fine candidate for bans, don't forget that. And if you are not planning to ban him, just pick something good on lane vs him, ward up and dont let him get close to you. Try to freeze lane near your tower instead of theirs and you cannot get pulled into tower + they are opened for gank. (i hope i am not saying total bullshap, but seems reasonable enough to me)


But I agree that spinecrawler to the head is super annoying

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