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[CANCELLED] AoS Swarm of Hearts 2014


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Swarm of Hearts is a charity event where 6 great StarCraft II Arcade maps will all host a tournament on the same weekend, as well as showing Blizzard how important the Arcade really is. This is the second year of Swarm of Hearts, and we're glad to partner with 6 great games: Marine Arena, Squad TD, Star Battle, Hero Attack 3X, and The Star Strikers! If you are a fan of these games, don't miss your chance to join in the fun by signing up for the tournaments!


All donations towards this event directly goes to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an international medical humanitarian organization working to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. We have a goal of $3000 with a stretch goal of $3500.


To donate, click on the following link: http://www.justgiving.com/SoH2014


How will this tournament work?


We are going to try something new. Instead of Draft Pick, we will use a new system called Decks. Your team will have 3 customized decks from the available Hero Pool. Each deck must be UNIQUE, so you can't have Kerrigan or Nova in Deck 1 AND in Deck 2. The Deck System will prove to be a efficient-flexible way to run games.


Here is an example of a registered Deck Set:


Deck 1 : Kerrigan, Nova, Tychus, Raynor, Geneva

Deck 2: Rancor, Shadow, Rory, Drake, Jackson

Deck 3: Summers, Boros, Darpa, Micro, LZ


Update: You can only have 1 Push Hero per deck.

Push Heroes: Queen, Marine King, Unix, Garamond, Biotron


The Decks you registered with will be final unless you request for change before the day of the event. You can pick whichever Deck you want to start first. The first five games will be Best of 3, for example:

  • T1(Deck 1) vs. T2(Deck 1), T1 wins. T2 must choose either Deck 2 or Deck 3 to play next. T1 must play the same deck. T2 picks Deck 3.
  • T1 (Deck 1) vs. T2 (Deck 3), T2 wins. T1 must choose either Deck 2 or Deck 3 to play next. T2 must play the same deck. T1 picks Deck 2.
  • T1 (Deck 2) vs. T2 (Deck 3), T2 Wins. T2 wins the match and submits the score to Staff.

How to Register:


Message RedHydra with the details below:

Clan Name:


Member 1:

Member 2:

Member 3:

Member 4:

Member Sub (Optional):

Member Sub (Optional):

Deck 1 :

Deck 2:

Deck 3:



Schedule for May 17 - 18:


NOTE: Eastern Time Zone

May 17:

1:00 PM - Introduction, Check-In, Team Match-Up

1:30 PM - Game Set 1

3:00 PM - Game Set 2

4:30 PM - Game Set 3


May 18:

1:00 PM - Conflict/Semi-Final Matches (Use All 3 Decks)

4:00 PM - Final Match (Use All 3 Decks)





All participants must agree to these rules:

1. Be fair and bring good sportsmanship to the game.

2. Acknowledge that requests will be very limited to speed up the tourney's process.

3. Understand that any game exploit/cheat you commit implies forfeit.

4. Understand that if you are 20 minutes late to the event (held on Mumble Server), your team will be disqualified.

  • Clans are not required, but encouraged. It helps us identify teams. Clan names should be appropriate. Names that are vulgar or inappropriate cannot participate
  • If EU/NA dispute, it shall start in NA, then EU. The third game will be decided by coin flip.
  • We will try our best to find a Referee for every game to ensure that everyone plays by the same rules. ONLY Referees may pause/resume: When request for Pause, Referees will type in the countdown before pausing. When request for Resume, Referees will first ask if everyone is ready before starting the countdown to resume the match. 2 Pause Requests per team, 5 minutes each.
  • Livestreams will not be available UNLESS both teams agree to do so. We will not be held accountable for ghosting.

Winner Rewards:

- In-Game Titles!

- Bragging Rights!

- Maybe some money!


How Matches Work:

- We're planning to run a Swiss Tournament: Your Team plays every match available, up to Game Set 3. Teams with the highest win score will move on to the Conflict/Semi-Finals. Game setup will be randomized, so no brackets. We'll try our best to prevent any team from playing the same opponents within the 5 sets.



Egon - Lag Issues


Any questions relating to the tourney, please ask. I'll add more details if necessary.

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Is this an actual tourney with the names up for grabs? Or is it going to be like last time. More or less a tutorial of the game and how it works for the viewers.


Having a 2 day event with like 12+ aos teams so soon after the last one seems exhausting. And I do understand you have no control over the event date


My point is maybe limiting the amount of teams that can take part. Especially seeing that every game is going to be a best of 3, And I guess the later sets will be even longer

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Hopefully this one will run smoother, since teams don't need to go through potential long drafts. We'll see how many people are interested in taking this new system.


The presentation of the game will be done through the SoH discussion on live.

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This deck idea seems nice but i think there is a flaw. You could just stack decks 1 and 2 with op heroes and ignore deck 3. This way you have D1 first game and D2 other 2 games or vice versa.

And this time there is need for autobans beforehand as it would require post deck alterations if you decide them pre-game

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There are currently no bans. We want to see the Hero's potential in the Deck System. However, should bans be required, we'll address the issue as soon as possible. For example, I've been hearing that King needed to be banned. Changes were done to weaken his pushing capabilities,but we haven't heard any proper results. We need to see Marine King in action before we take anything into consideration.


Egon may receive slight nerfs with his cooldowns.

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Basically. Won't replace the ones that u already have. Soo


who's going to organize the decks heroes so they aren't too strong team comp?


There are no limitations in how heroes are placed in a deck. Find out what you can do to counter certain heroes/decks.

Edited by RedHydra
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Its an interesting idea... I hate to say it...dont think its gonna work. Depends so much on luck...blind picks are always less rewarding.


Just have to choose your "deck" wisely. Make sure your comp is versatile and can handle almost any situation.


Im pretty excited about this picking method tbh. I have been extremely bored of draft games lately.



Every ih i play in i try to do the a mirror match or random draft or 1 click random.

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I have questions about deck privacy, because I see issues there. What exactly u mean by word 'private' in this case? Because it is logic to make them unknown before team/deck registration, however once tournament starts deck privacy is completely pointless. U would 'learn' about enemies deck from the stream, previous games, etc. So I guess all decks should get published once registration is over. Besides it gives some possibilities to make a choice which deck to pick against specific team when u are aware what kind of composition u may face.

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What will prevent teams from discussing other teams decks?

It appears to me, that once a team exhausts all its decks, the team who's played against them will know what hero's are in what decks?


They could then in turn communicate that info to other teams, which will give them an unfair advantage.

So the element of surprise will be eliminated after round one... is that what we're going for?

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