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I still did good w/ shade, you didnt nerf him enough yet

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So just played a game as shade and still did good with him, so I guess u guys need to nerf him some more.


being completely sarcastic btw, flobing retards. Boros is now completely useless but u had to nerf him because if he was in a very good cituational spot w/ no creeps around and retards that dont get any hp/defense items he MIGHT get 2 kills off of his ulti before, but lets not worry about rory whoss ult can kill entire teams in less cituational spots, and stukovs ulti which kills 2-3 easily and zeras ulti which is solid and doesnt really need to worry about all the factors that boros'ss ulti did, but because an ulti can kill someone by itself OMFG which is what its suppose to flobing do, or make circumstances so u can like a nova ulti or w/e may have you.


OMFG such dumbass changes to this map constantly. Grow a flobing brain.

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