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Critical Chance reduction


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Currently we have weapon speed reduction, physical damage resistance, and evasion.


The evasion items have str and agi attribute bonuses build it. There is currently no item that gives intelligence and evasion. Since you can prevent casting with silences, prevent attacks with stuns, and reduce movement speed with slows, why not have a way to reduce the chance of the enemy landing critical strike? Now I considered thinking of an item that reduces critical damage, but physical resistance already exists. So here is my suggestion to add this additional way reuce the effectiveness of crit tiems by reducing the chance of crit which would essentially reduce the chance of crit dmg (khali blade) and max weapon speed (lethal barbed).


So your only option to reduce weapon speed is chilling (1 item), and there are only 2 items that grant evasion (sword breaker and timesplitter). Evasion creates the chance for all auto attacks to miss. most casters would never buy timesplitter, but they might buy sword breaker. They would get health from sword breaker, but they would not get armor or int from the item. So a caster currently has only 2 options of reducing the chance of receiving physical damage from crit damage. By adding the crit chance reduction, it creates a direct counter to crit damage and lethal barb's max weapon speed. It would also cause the ravager stacks to build more slowly.


You can counter spell damage, weapon damage, weapon speed, and movement speed directly. But you can't counter crit chance directly. By adding this option it would give a wider selection of options for casters or pseudo tank builds that require int for relative scaling abilities. It would not prevent damage like evasion. It would only reduce the chance of the crit landing reducing the effects gained and the output of damage from landing the crit. So far here is my suggestion for an item:





New Item: Stream of Purity


+38 int

+6 armor

+250 energy

+2.5 Energy regen

+10% Critical Chance reduction (or evasion if the implementation Critical Chance reduction is not wanted)

(Unique - Dodge) Reduces the enemy's chance of landing a critical strike by +10%. No internal cooldown. (this is not a global buff)

(Active - Purity) Adds 5% time scale, 10% physical resistance, and doubles the percentage of Dodge for 5 secs (total 20% Critical chance reduction). 60 sec cooldown.


(Active - Purity) Option 2: you could make the active 100% evasion for 1 - 2 seconds while the other effects last for 3-6 secs. The duration for the 100% evasion is shorter than lock-box, but in this case you can still control your hero. This does not make your hero invulnerable, like with medic's ult.


Components: Space Battery (+250 Energy, +2.25 Energy regen, 1000 min) Storm Pauldrons (+29 int, 925 min) Neosteel Vestments (+4 armor, 650 Min)

Recipe Completion (725 min) total cost = 3300


You could change the storm pauldrons to a higgs-boson if you wanted to give like +60 int to this item instead. The price would then be 4300 total cost.


Comments: The time scale increases all speeds of the hero making it easier to escape making this a "click, sustain, and/or escape" item. The physical damage resistance is for only 5 secs. This is not evasion, but an alternative to it. The hero will still receive damage, but not as much. This item would be an alternative to chilling, korhal, or darksteel based on the fact that these defensive items reduce either the enemy's wep spd, wep dmg, and/or movement speed. Reducing Crit chance would effectively prevent the same things by reducing the chance effect of landing critical strikes. Tanks would be reluctant to pick this item up early game since it lacks Health and Health regen; although, it would be good for pseudo tanks (e.g. Erekul, Brine). It would also work good as a late game item for a tank after he has his tanky items.


Note: Now you could replace this critical chance reduction with evasion, and it may essentially do the same thing (i.e. reducing on hit effects). Keeping the percentages the same would be nice as well. 10% evasion would be the lowest in the game, but the active would double it. Plus they are getting added physical resistance, and so it evens out. So if the evasion doesn't activate, the resistance will still reduce some damage. Furthermore, the duration of the active could be increased or decreased, but you would have to take into account 1v1 fights and team fights... "5 secs is a long time in a team fight.", frequently stated by Quidditch.

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I approached this already as an upgrade to barbed, it was met mostly with glib responses like neverwin's and then quickly went off topic.





I think mine is better

Neither of yours are better. The reason the answers related to your thread didn't pan out is because Armor is a natural defense against crit. I'm sorry my answer was not what you expected, and came off as an insincere response, when on the contrary it was a super simplified explanation. What you are both asking for is a crit reduction item when it is already in place, which is reduced by having armor. Tanks are not going to deviate from natural armor items, for some "crit" resistance. It's overly complicating a very easy dynamic to understand. Crit is calculated from weapon damage, which the damage when applied to target, is then added after the armor mitigates the damage coming in. Which after the "actual damage" is calcuated, the crit is then added with the damage applied.


There's a few reasons why it's really not a logically item to create. The most obvious reason is the existance of armor in this game, and the calculation on how crit is applied, which I explained above. Going beyond that, his crit reductuon is terrible idea. Reducing crit, to a target who still has some % of chance over 1% chance of landing a crit attack, is the equivalent of trying to stop someone from finding a penny heads up on the ground, and picking them so no one else can find it. Crit scales linearly, which means it adds up without diminishing returns. Meaning 100% crit chance, means you have a 100% chance to land a critical strike. 100% being the ceiling as 130% crit chance has no more value than, 100% crit chance. With the common items and build path for crit, you can have over 100% crit chance. Which means his item of -10% crit chance has no real value at all, because to counter that -10%, would be to get more crit chance, which would then mean the introduction of multiple crit chance reduction items to even remotely make a reduction of crit chance items viable. The rest of his item is basically invalid, because tanks would not get that item, when even Eye of Narud holds more value to his item compartively. Int for a tank item? Sorry but that's not valuable, tanks staple items include armor, spell resistance and health. As for an INT caster, the item is still basically worthless, I'd rather stack 2 gravity edges with the low int the item has.


Your item, what your lacking to understand is the concept of armor,or ignoring it entirely anyways. It automatically reduces crit damage, so adding items to do either of, reduce crit chance, or reduce the % of critical strike damage is something that is already done when adding armor to your hero. All your really doing is overly complicating something that's integrated into armor and it's purposes. Your idea was seemingly better, but I would have thrown it as a idea to change the barbed plating around or upgrading the barbed plating into a stronger item, not just adding another item that does the same thing essentially but in just a different way. Your item has other purposes, and being able to reduce healing as Gino did mention, would be a good item for defensive heroes. Seeing as no tanks or caster units can doit unless they get at least an axe... But the idea of drake carry idea, is just bad....So the idea of a health regeneration reduction item is a good one. If I came off as a dick, well I'm sorry I'm not trying to. And please, if you feel I'm saying your ideas are not welcomed, by golly that's not true. Your both reinventing the wheel, that's all.

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The whole point of creating crit chance reduction was to counter lethal barbed which makes 10% a little low which could be buffed to 20%. the dps of 100% weapon speed vs like 25% weapon speed makes a difference. If a person only had lethal barbed, then this item would reduce their crit chance to 5% or 1 out of 20 hits. Armor might help, but evasion or something like it helps also. Since this item has armor, int, and energy, a caster could consider this as their second or third item after IHAN for health with gravity for dmg. Its not intended for tanks to pick it up; otherwise, I would have included health into the item. Since darksteel titan for tanks already exists, I created this item for casters.


It was only intended for tanks or AA as a partially useful item if they were ahead and wanted to by int while getting more armor. It's not intended to give health, otherwise this item would be competing with darksteel. Since caster's currently do not have any Armor + int items available, this would be an option. Turning the crit chance reduction into evasion would be a better compromise since evasion already exists.

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