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[Game Mechanics] Leaver Bonus Question


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In reference to the Buff "Leaver Bonus" which is applied to heroes after a teammate leaves the game.


When a player leaves before the teams heroes are selected, the team gains their minerals.


However no buff is shown in the buff display for your heroes.


Is there no leaver buff "check" applied? Or is it just applied as an invisible % (unlikely)?

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Buff is resistance % which is hidden from normal player view.


Buff is not applied if players drop during the loading screen; however, their starting money will be.


When a player left during the game after loading screen, his/her money + half of cost of their items are given evenly to the reminding players.



To protest a BG in pubs, simply follow these steps:

1. Make enough of purchase to drop your money to close to zero.

2. Drop all items on the ground.

3. A attack all the items and destroy them.

4. Left the game.

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