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can we give ihan crystal a (10% INT) with his active to make it a late game item for more INT heroes


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IMO though i think caster stuff should be better/more gears to choose from, ihan is NOT one of them....instead they should just buff duran pendant....when they do(they should eventually realize its only viable for aa instead of propper casters) pendant + an overbuffed ihan could be too good for early game and Ihan being able to be sold and keep charges makes it a really good item for any caster....early to mid game gives intel, health, and the active gives all the sustain you will need....late game? just sell...and you got a stats boon that does NOT use an item slot. Sounds too awesome to need a buff. Instead buff pendant or make another item that helps casters early that is a viable alternative to googles + LT. So far ihan is one of the most efficient ways to get intel. Considering all I said its really cheap. Like a cheaper nitro in a way but with an awesome active instead of the unique and then you sell it so it is like if you wouldve saved half its price. Long term and asuming you do sell it later it becomes the absolute best price vs stats for any intel item. And if you don`t sell it still the sustain in terms of energy is rivaled only by cerebro`s active, but then again ihan also gives health sustain so it may be balanced in a way.


Ihan is too much of a must have so I really hope there comes something else. Pendant buff, new pendant for casters, or even BLUEGENE? since the recipe says it also builds from the stone that is used for ihan it may have some sustain active too.

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IHAN Crystal is currently bugged. If you use the active on ihan you lose all of your stacks and they do not come back. the stacks are gained by time, and the timer does not restart after you use the active. So if you buy that item.. do not use it before you sell it. otherwise you will not benefit from the stacks.


I believe it was intended for the nrg and hp regen to have boosted stats when using the active (according to the description on the item itself), but what it does is it removes the health and int stacks. So all it takes is one usage of the IHAN active to make it worthless when you sell it.


So buying ihan because you think it will help you sustain more in lane will only make you lose your stacks. <<<------- this is not incorrect.

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Buff pendant? O_o you want casters to lanerape everything? Rly?


Yeah ihan is currently fine + the bug seemed to be affecting only very fdew people/was noticed by them


However ihan is damn strong for lane and in early+midgame + the passiv stacks are what makes it good for endgame. (80 ind and quiet abit of hp and energy for 2700? Fair enough)


If you were to make the active stronger or give it another passiv you would have to increase its costs by like 1250 or so to 4000

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