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Item suggestion - alternative to Spell Buffer and Galactic


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INT Item alternative for Spell Buffer because of Active - guardian.


Name: Inhibited Repercussions

+30 str = 300 health, and 1.2 health regen

+40 INT = 280 energy, and .6 energy regen

+2 health regen

+1 energy regen

+5% spell Leech


[unique] You gain 2% time scale for every 1100 energy missing. (with gravity, and this item at lvl 11 on raynor you would have about 1800 energy = 2% possible time scale with energy completely depleted)


[Active - guardian] You gain 600 shields lasting for 5 secs. You also gain 1% time scale for each 100 shields that is gained from this item. As shields are lost, time scale is lost. 60 sec cooldown.


Components - 1. Khala stone (10 str, 10 int, 850 min) 2. Khala stone (10 str, 10 int, 850 min) 3. Lost treasure (4 health regen, 2 energy regen, 900 min)

700 min to complete the recipe = Total 3300 minerals

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