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Today lets discuss hero sizes!


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Okay so I'm clearly not original, but apparently that's okay. ;)

Seeing as how the developers have changed the size of many heroes recently, I would like to hear HOW the community thinks certain heroes should be sized.


Do you have a belief about the sizing a particular hero? State it here!


A few friends of mine and I have for years talked about the sizing of Micro, and have hoped he would eventually be sized how we envisioned him. With the latest patch I found myself getting excited again (hearing that heroes were resized), only to be truly disappointed. I won't point out how I feel about all the other hero sizes, but can we please make micro even more AWESOME?!?


Here is the belief among my friends and I:


At level 1 micro should be by far smaller than the smallest hero.

At level 6 micro should be average​ in size and height.

At level 11 micro should be larger​ in size and height.

At level 16 micro should be by far larger​ than the average hero, and unquestionably the largest of all heroes.



So what do you think community? Do you have a belief about the sizing a particular hero? State it here!

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