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Egon super support/face ripper build


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The calls of OP are already out on the improved Egon, and I have the prefect build to utilize him as he was meant.
















Lost treasure -> kassai crystal





(Situational slot) yamato/stars fury my preference

(Situational slot) buffer my preference


I rush kassai right of the bat. It gives great sustain and buffs your heal more than your going to get with any scaling throughout the game. And the cd is great for your w skill.


Ihans provide further sustain and tank so you can keep on spamming the halls and hurts.


Gravity and nitrogen for the obvious slows and dmg.


Korhals for aura support cd reduction, and tank.


I like buffer for added tank, yamato for busy dmg and chase/escape, stars for caster screwing.


The New meta makes long games harder to come by so full builds don't come easy.





First and for most Egon is not a farmer, his money should be coming from assists and kills.


He is insanely strong early/mid game with his q w r combo. He can easily take down most squishy aa if they don't get the jump on him.


However your primary job should be finding your team's biggest bad ass and sustaining him while spamming your q at enemies in between.


While very capable of 1v1 early, Egon should be buddied up or with a group. With some quick clicks you can easily turn the tides of battle. The key is properly prioritizing who needs healed or if trying to kill the aggressor is the better option.


Your silence/nuke Is a massively powerful spell. I rarely use it in the midst of battle to recover mana, that can wait for after our before. If a caster is available he should be prioritized as the dmg and silence will send them running, usually to the grave.


I like to drop your healing ward on creep waves when not team fighting to get a good push going. In team battle you want it where it will benefit the most people at the right time.


Your ulti should be used as much as possible. The added stacks on the salve and the int make it a great squishy killer or tank healer.


Egon is not hard to play, but making the decisions on the fly on where to apply your powers is hard to master because a missed click or bad judgment on targeting can be very costly.

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I think a better item build is Kassia, nitro, whatever you prefer. Kassia is good for all the reasons you said, and you want nitro fast not only for the great hp/int boost, but mainly for the perma-slow when combined with Q, which is amazing, and pretty broken IMO.

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