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Clan RQFAM recruiting!


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Name: Rage Quitters Family

Association: TUF (The United Family)

Clan description: having separated from NFAM, the glorious TaxHaven decided to take a two week hiatus from the game due to the overpowering sadness he felt from leaving Pearl, Grantypoo and Moose. Then he had an Einstein-like idea, and decided to start up his own branch of TUF subsidised by our own Asian dictator PRINCE. He was granted 50 fake SC2 accounts to do so, so that his clan gets ranked quicker on clans search function. RQFAM is an official branch of TUF yet our recruiting methods are slightly unique: you must demonstrate to any of our officers or glorious TaxHaven in a game, where you kill off your own team 1 by 1 and then proceed to make them all RQ, all the bming then making harassment, racist, sexist jokes. You will be promoted to officer once 5 people report you to Blizzard for real life threats or harassment.


Partner clans: ursist, PlzRQ, TUF, TaxGay and TAXFAM.


If you wish to join please send TaxHaven a well considered message.

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