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Post-1.84 Hero Balance Suggestions (OP Constantly Updated)


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This post will constantly be updated to make it easier to find balance concerns/suggestions currently floating in the community. Feel free to suggest additions/subtractions or modifications.



Removed Unix, Egon, Tychus, Lurker, Biotron and Medic. (SUCCESS!)

Updated Cow.



Removed Ghost (for now)

Added Stukov, Unix, Tychus, Jackson and Geneva.




Removed Boros and MK (for now)

Added Raynor, Micro, Biotron, and Jakk

Updated Egon







Scoping cloaked/burrowed targets no longer reveals them.

Reduce range by 1 and/or lower base damage.


Reason: Too strong, easy to snowball, low risk, high reward. Also some items on her are too good but those deserve a different thread. Also heroes like her (carries) should not have the detection utility of scope.





Change heroic passive from 2 STR gain to equivalent in Max HP gain.


Reason: STR gain also increases health regeneration, late game with some feeding, he becomes near unkillable even with Martyr on. Changing to Max HP preserves the power of Martyr, his tankiness and only sacrifices the health regeneration gained from points of STR.





Increase base STR and/or slightly increase STR gain per level. Alternatively, increase base damage and/or weapon speed.


Also please see: http://www.aeonofsto...mmortalsolidus/





Buff base damage of W to 120/160/200/240 + (70% INT) from 60/80/100/120 + (60% INT), leaver pillar bonus damage the same. Alternatively change both base and bonus spell damage to 90/120/150/180 + (70% INT).

Increase both the pillar push range of W (Not AOE damage radius, which should be kept the same) and pillar pull range of R to 10u, so that it pulls/pushes pillars from greater distance.


Reason: His early game farming and damage output took a strong unwarranted nerf and the extra 4 units range on pillars is no compensation as they are not very reliable as long range spell damage or farming tools. By increasing the base damages and scaling of W combined with the added range, Cyprus's burst damage becomes in line with other burst casters like Cow and Raynor.





Increase base damage of Silencing Drones to 20/40/60/80 + (15% INT) from 20.

Increase movement speed of Silencing Drones.

Turn Energy Soak (W) into a target unit spell that Greelus can cast on both himself or allies.


Reason: Improves hero's utility and support presence for the team. This game's supports need more support!





Damage amplification from Turret no longer afflicts structures.

Hotkey SCVs to 2 or 3.


Reason: Please. Just please.





Increase energy cost of Q to 125/150/175/200 from 125/140/155/170.

Increase energy cost of W to 50/70/90/110 from 65.

Increase energy cost of R to 175/250/325 from 125/175/225.


Reason: The amount of burst damage Cow deals is too high relative to the frequency of use and energy cost.





Remaining duration on all auras is halved when aura is dropped and/or reduce aura AoE by 33%.


Reason: This change is primarily aimed at destruction aura and the ridiculous farming and lane control it provides passively, with little input or skill from the player, early game.





Increase cool down of Silence to 14 seconds. Reduce scaling from (75% INT) to (70%).


Reason: With some CDR, AOE Perma-silence becomes clearly OP. That scaling is also too much, Raynor already has the benefit of damage amplification.





Reduce Energy Rifle weapon speed bonus from passive Q to 9/12/15/18% from 10/15/20/25%.


Reason: With Fury, Might, Machete and Pendant, Jakk's early game weapon speed can be insane to deal with and a nerf ought to be considered. Late game his AA capacity is also real good with Shadowmourne. This minor nerf to the attack speed bonus may make him more manageable.





Reduce base damage and scaling of Q and W from 70/140/210/280 + (70%) to at most 80/120/160/200 + (60%).

Reduce bonus damage and/or reduce/remove stun time from heroic passive.


Reason: Micro is dealing more damage than many casters (see: Cyprus), with his perfect initiation and tank status, he doesn't need and shouldn't be dealing this kind of damage.




Q burst damage too high, reduce base damage, scaling and/or reduce duration of poison.


Reason: The recent buff to the standardized poison has made Stukov's early game burst op.





Buff bonus shields from heroic passive to 20% from 15%.

Increase movement speed loss from W by 5% at all levels.


Reason: These changes are intended to improve his ability to initiate. Even though this is not a hero balance suggestion, adding Miner's Goggles as a component to Warp Shard (and by extension the health and CDR stats) will make the item easier to build into and better for all supports heroes including Jackson.

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Rancor already gets detection for half price for himself and his team, having a skill that provides global TS detection is overkill I think. I also think that no hero should get TS for free (hence the change to nova scope). TS should be something you buy, a financial risk that may or may not pay off. Plus I did suggest we have halve the cool down on all levels of Satellite Vision (40/30/20/10), Rancor can still provide global map vision at a higher frequency than before and that on its own is already an incredible feat.


Also are you referring to Egon as of 1.72?




Nvm about Egon. Removed. Hehe.

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Unsure what you mean every target in aoe of boros has equal (50-50) chance of getting hit.... does that mean that every target has a 50% chance to avoid taking damage per slash, or that you can hit more than one target with each slash, or what....... as for spell damage he is certainly not immune to it while in omni. He is untargetable, not invulnerable. As such, he can still get hit by aoe, just not point and click spells or certain other abilities like dustin missiles, which are projectiles.

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Boros: Wait, boris xD dies sometimes in his omni….


Rancor: wait, ghost is strong for sure but still dies very fast to nova or darpa with ts. rancor's combo before? - ERQR - still 2 nukes. problems?


Cow. Ulti - just no. Expecting suggestion from you to add max range for Grunty's rocket. No way - keep this game on the fun side. Why str? coz of damage. Cow is fatty burst without aa-damage. you want another squishy burst without sustain and with buffed clip?


Gara and Cyprus - agree.


Nova - ez hero, high revard - true. Scoping - no, damage reduction with better scaling - agree, stop dam junglers who can play 20 mins using only mouse.

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He shouldn't be untargetable, granting him 50% evasion will suffice. He shouldn't dodge things like Dustin's W for example. Whether it is invulnerability or untargetability, it should be reduced. He already has SS, he can combo it into R for invulnerability, he shouldn't be made more immune from damage from R alone.


What I mean about the odds of Omnislash is the following: If Boros has level 3 omnislash, and uses it on one target with no one around, the target will not receive 8 slashes, it's a 50/50 chance if I'm not mistaken. When there are other units around, all units should have the same odds of receiving 50/50 not just the primary target. This will force Boros to be more mindful of when and where to use it, instead of going crit build and just using it in a crowd, managing to kill 2 or 3 heroes.

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Holy shap ure retarded, i am amused someones still replies ure balance suggestions considering u clearly dont play any single moba on a high lvl and never did even this one with a limited players pool and ure balance "ideas" reflect that.


You want to make boros targetable during omnislash when he is a melee hero who is already gonna be focused hard as flob after the omnislash. There is a reason why jugger is invulnerable during omni, its because he is super squishy after that just like Boros.


>50% Evasion, sure buddy lets add more gamble to the game. I can see how dota and lol like heroes with gamble skills, oh wait... gamble is never good and never used. What would you know about that tho.


Ghost is SOSOSOSOSOSO much stronger now, gee ive sure seen alot of ghosts while streaming the tourney, revealing the shap of people in this game and slaughtering enemy teams with nukes. Removing true sight from ghost is as dumb as most of ure thoughts considering u can already see invisible heroes in this game and land ccs on them while they are invisible.


Gee ive seen alot of cows aswell. Better nerf them cuz low pubbers like you cant play this game.


Honestly devs should just ask 4 teams that were in the semifinals the most relevant tourny of the version for balance suggestions. God forbid they actually change something based on the words of the morons like you. Heroes that are underused need buffs to bring them up instead of heroes that are used need nerfs to bring them down. People who dont know shap about mobas beyond low lvl pubs like you would never understand tho, right whossica.


P.S bannerino till next tourney, i ll stream again.


User has been banned for this post: totally bm, only 3 day ban

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Give lurker a bone! Remove nova's revealing mark, make is so micro cannot throw lurker without seeing him, fix hold fire (if possible), make burrow/unburrow more fluid/faster, make attack animation travel faster (heroes moving perpendicularly dont take damage if fast enough/near edge of range.


Also make shadowmourne work with him...

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