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- Your SC2 name: thirtyfive (current), istudylsat, strategist

- Region you play on: NA

- What country you are from: USA

- Favorite hero: Boros - bola skill makes me feel like hooking a fish in an open arm

- Favorite item: :ArcboundRavager: - With damage increase buff in a recent patch, it is a must-get for many DPS heroes.

- Computer specifications: i3 6gb GT640

- Favorite food: Halal on 53rd Street & 6th Avenue

- Sports you play: soccer

- etc, etc. - No, I am not thirty-five years old.






Since coming back to the states, I have decided to try some in-house matches. However, after installing Mumble, I just don't know what to do next simply because 1) I am not in any clan, and 2) I am afraid to message or join any party because I don't want to interrupt them. (There are lots of names that I recognize only because I saw their postings in the forum; I can hardly play with/against them in pubs)


Seems like I have to join a clan in order to start in-house matches. If there is any clan that look for players, I am more than willing to try out. I know several (from forum), but I just don't know if I am qualified for these clans because of my poor skill level: For your information, I only played pubs so far, and I am not a great team player. My strength in the game comes from farming hard so that I can get an advantage over my enemies. I do not know any strategic push or teamwork designed for in-house games, but I am willing to learn.


I look forward to playing you guys and most importantly, have a great time and fun.

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Firstly, welcome to the forums. Its not true that you need to join a clan in order to inhouse.if you see a bunch of people in a channel on mumble, just hop in, say hi im new, is there any inhouses going on and im sure you'll eventually be accommodated if there are any. I believe its safe to say that most of the people you'll encounter on mumble are quite friendly with the exception of a few trolls, and there is no need to be afraid. It's great to see that you'd like to enter some more competitive play and im certain you'll learn a lot from the mumble and forum community. Im pretty sure that we all have the same mindset as you such that we just wanna play and have fun. Even if you don't want to talk just go ahead and listen. There is also the pub community if you join aos and join the chartroom, there are people who are there that you can party up as well. GL hf, don't be afraid.

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Welcome to the forums!


Geneon's post says most of it, but just go into a mumble channel and at you are new and we will make sure you get into a game. Also, go to the aeon of storms chat within starcraft. A lot of times people will say something like "+1 for ih" which means they need one more person, and if you ask for an invite they will invite you. Also, you don't have to have a lot of skill to join most clans. Just take me for an example. I'm in IAOSI and when I joined I had never played an inhouse game and I didn't have mumble. You are already a step ahead by having mumble. Watch the competitive chat section of the forums to see if a clan is doing a round of recruiting, they sometimes post a topic for that purpose.

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Welcome! Yea, it's definitely a little intimidating when you first start using mumble. You don't need to be in a clan to play an IH. There are various levels of skill on mumble, but if you say you're new people will guarantee you play at least a few games. The best thing to do would be to go into the channel with the most people in it and ask if they are currently inhousing. If they are, refrain from talking in the channel during their game. If they aren't in one, tell them you're new and you wanna play, most people will gladly ensure you get a spot. You can also find me if you'd like, I'm on most nights :)

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