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the new hero size is way too big for aeon small map?


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I've been MIA for awhile, and I come back to hero's bigger than micro at lvl 16 LOL whats going on!!!


I know April fools is coming up, hopefully this is an early joke. And if it isn't, plz explain the reasoning behind this.


I'll be coming back to the mumble community real soon just gotta find out what state i'll be laying my head in

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just make it possible to zoom out a little. I don't see any problem with "change". The hero size isn't that bad. You're a hero, not a lane creep. Therefore you should be bigger than a lane creep. How is that not normal? People just complain about any changes (i.e. minimap position on the right, interface changes, etc.). I like the heroes being bigger because they are easier to target during team fights. And wasn't shadow hard enough to target with stepping strikes? Bigger heroes means easier targeting. How is that a problem?


Have you tried changing your resolutions? that's a way to change your view during gameplay.

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