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Boros... 45-10-10


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Self-explanatory. Cyprus, Boros, Rancor, and Cain face off against Cyprus, Maar, Darpa, Shadow and Bio. During the time, I get 3 godlikes, a luda kill, several "WHAT!??!" bolas, and demonstrate one of, if not the best item build for Boros. And as a bonus you get to see me die 10 times, which is probably more than all the deaths in my other replays combined.



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bragging about a pub playing boros is like bragging about an ih playing stukov who gives a flob seriously


If I got 45-10-10 in an inhouse as stukov, or really any other hero, I'd brag about, post it, provide a screenshot of the scoreboard in my signiture, randomly pm people like "what's up, did you know I got 45-10-10 stuchov in an inhouse against ____" , create several different threads in different forum sections, and so on, so forth. I would see to it that it became as much a legend as the Boundary Scanner Spam posts (sadly forgotten by most now), or lOvOl 's star treks and superheated mantle love.

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