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Kerrigans minions are too spammable


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Kerri can solo levi (at level 15 with darwins, eternity, ravager, lethal barbed, living flesh str, and lost treasure) by spamming the ult and q which spawns 4 minions. The banelings don't even make it out of the pit. I think that it is more broken than bio's ult.


Soloed aeon at 7 with a bear.



Soloed aeon again at 10 with a bear.



Soloed Levi at 15 without a rune. Maybe its the double leech in the successful build that does it.



Kerri has less than 200 dmg starting out with a little over 200 with ravager bonus. So using q and r kills the increased banelings from r. I tried a shadowmourne, galactic, darwins ravager lethal barbed item set and failed. Super banes op.


With the increase in lane bounties, I would assume that it could be soloed at 14 or 15.


I'm suggesting adding an additional attack to levi for the heroic units. I assume that the heroic units have levels, so targeting heroic units below a certain level would always proc the additional attack and would never attack heroes, unless 5 heroes decided to attack levi at level 4. Who knows?


Or you could just nerf the spawn count on kerri's ulti. Making the argument that kerri is underplayed still wouldn't do justice to the ultimate's brokenness. unless you thing it is the q that keeps her at a distance from the banes. or maybe double leech is op. The only thing is I tried double leech on darpa, nova, and grunty with no success.

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Can mk still solo Levi at 6 using the tank without getting any items besides wards? I don't think that kerrigan using an item build that makes her extremely susceptible to burst and that lowers her dps greatly being able to solo Levi is a problem. Especially when she can just bring her team while she is using a legitimate item build and kill it faster while also having less risk.

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